Lunch restaurants

Daily lunch restaurants can be found in the city streets, businesses and higher education institutions. The word combination “lunch restaurant” says it all – we believe that even a daily lunch, which often happens in a hurry and does not cost a lot of money, has to generate positive emotions.

Day restaurant Restart offers a relaxing and tasty break for employees and guests of the Skanstes City business district. This concept is designed for people who want to not just eat, but dine with added value in the choice of meals and the interior design, without sacrificing speed and freedom.

Riga has two bistros Noonbox and Tallinn has three. Noonbox has a light and colourful feel combined with a simple and sensible approach to menu choice. Diners can create their own meal, adding as many side dishes and salads as they like to their main course, either on a plate or in a takeaway container.